Fibre laser cutting of tubes and profiles

Tube laser cutting is a relatively innovative technology that eliminates the need for handwork, such as sawing, drilling, milling and deburring. It reduces the number of operations, and is significantly more precise and faster than traditional processing methods.

Its main advantages are the speed and precision of tube cutting.

Why use our laser tube cutting services?

  • Flexible delivery deadlines
  • High-quality and consistent production
  • Possibility of producing larger quantities
  • Fully automated CNC process that facilitates extremely precise processing
  • High-speed processing and the reduction of production costs

Using FT laser technology, we cut tubes and profiles within the following limits:

  • Maximum cutting thickness: 8 mm
  • Maximum tube length: 6,500 mm
  • Maximum product length: 4,500 mm
  • Maximum square tube diameter: 120 mm
  • Maximum round tube diameter: ∅152 mm
  • Minimum diameter for round tube cutting: ∅12 mm
  • Machine power: 2 kw
  • We can cut specially designed tubes or open forms with no difficulty.
The use of standard tubes has risen sharply in recent years. You are no longer limited to round, square and rectangular tubes.

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