CNC spinning

Using its free capacities, Gorenc offers CNC spinning services on renowned Japanese Miyano type BNE-51/SY5 machines, with an automatic FMB loader for the loading of raw materials. The aforementioned machines are generally used for serial spinning with grip shifting and a counter-spindle to ensure the spinning of a processed piece in a single binding, resulting in very precise processing on one side of a piece relative to the other side. A CNC spinning centre has two spindles and two revolver heads with a total of 24 tool stations (the single y axis-main cupola also facilitates movement in the y axis). All stations facilitate the use of power tools, which enables the spinning and milling of the most complex forms.

  • spinning of rod materials to diameters of up to Φ51mm
  • The C axis on the main and secondary spindles can be positioned in increments of 0.001 degrees
  • The double spindle facilitates the simultaneous spinning of both sides of a processed piece

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