Gorenc d.o.o.

Gorenc d.o.o. is a company backed by tradition in the production of gas grills, heat pumps, leisure products and metal products under its own brand. It is a family company, a fact that can be traced back to its very beginnings, when in 1977 Alojzij Gorenc founded a company, in the form of a craft shop, for the production of metal products. Seven years later his wife, Ljudmila Gorenc, established a metal product manufacturing company and expanded the original core activity. The demand for quality products grew steadily, leading the company to make the decision to purchase its own production-sales facilities in 1999.

Gorenc was transformed into a limited liability company in 2004, and today operates with 18 employees.

The company is specialised for the following programmes:

  • the production of gas grills and grey cast iron products (pots, bakeware, etc.), and camping and catering equipment
  • heating devices (heat pumps for heating sanitary water)
  • gas consumption installation materials
  • metal production services (specialising in laser cutting, sheet metal bending, CNC grinding, etc.)

Why Gorenc?

  • Quick response time
  • Trust in the highest quality products
  • More than 30 years of experience in sheet metal processing
  • Use of the most state-of-the-art technology
  • Continuous upgrading of crucial machinery and software
  • Competitive prices
  • Large production-warehousing facilities (around 6,000m² at three locations)
  • Very well-situated company in terms of location
  • Environmentally oriented company